Solange Knowles Strips Down in Two New Music Videos from 'A Seat at the Table'

The singer co-directed the dreamy new videos with her husband

Photo: Youtube

If you’ve fallen far behind on all the music you know you need to listen to in 2016, we can’t say we blame you. This year has delivered one monumental record after the next, from Kanye‘s endlessly merch-producing TLOP, to Beyoncé‘s deeply moving and controversial visual album, and, of course, Frank Ocean‘s extremely long awaited second release, Blonde. And now there’s a brand new album to add to the top of your must-hear list, Solange Knowles‘s A Seat at the Table, from which two stunning music videos she co-directed with husband Alan Ferguson have just been released.

The video for “Don’t Touch My Hair” opens on an image of Solange with her hair braided and beaded slowly shaking her head from side to side in front of a swimming pool. She also showed off some carefully sculpted fingerwaves and natural volume wearing an assortment of neutral-toned monochromatic ensembles before breaking it down in all-white with collaborator Sampha and later on with her large ensemble cast. The video also features some stunningly crafted braided headpieces that gives new resonance to the lyric, “Don’t touch my crown.”

By the way, if you’re looking for Solange’s actual hair tips, she shared some advice with her fans on Twitter, writing:

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And just in case that video wasn’t enough of a visual feast for you to live off of for the rest of the week, Solange also went ahead and dropped a second video that’s even more jam-packed with major fashion moments from start to finish.

In “Cranes in the Sky,” the singer delivers one conceptual, avant garde look after the next, from the fluffy pink insulation meets Shar-Pei coat that the video opens on, to a custom gold-spangled coat made in collaboration between Tina Knowles and Tim White, and even outfits she made herself out of palm leaves, pink plastic bags and a spool of purple yarn.

While both videos haven’t even been out for 24 hours, we can’t help but be thankful for the millions of GIFs they’ve already spawned for helping us illustrate every possible stage of feeling ourselves.

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