The actress teamed up with the superstore on a line of affordable and size-inclusive denim

By Brittany Talarico and Brianne Tracy
February 04, 2019 03:06 PM
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Sofía Vergara can now add denim designer to her impressive resumé.

The multi-hyphenate star teamed up with on a size-inclusive clothing collection — that features nearly 100 items, ranging from jeans and denim jackets to graphic tees — with all launch items priced at $40 or under.

“My idea is always to create stuff that is affordable,” Vergara told PEOPLE at a press day for her new line. “When I didn’t have money, I created a way of always looking cute by finding affordable things and being creative.”

For the Modern Family star, offering an extensive size range was also a top priority.

“We created this thinking of women everywhere of every size, ethnicity, age,” she shared. “For the first photo shoot, we used women in my family. None of them are models or supermodels, they’re beautiful women of all sizes and ages, and it was great. It was great to see them enjoy and look great in those jeans.”

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Her go-to piece in the collection? The , that according to the star are “inspired after the jeans that I’ve worn my whole life.”

Working with Walmart also stirred a sense of nostalgia for the actress, who has shopped at the superstore since her son Manolo, now 26, was a young boy.

“When I moved to the United States, I was only like 22, and you don’t really have a budget to go and buy Ralph Lauren everything. So, of course, my first stop was stores like Walmart,” she said. “I would buy all of my son’s clothes at Walmart and the school supplies, kitchen supplies — everything. They really care about what they sell and now that we have the possibility that you don’t even need to go to the store, you shop online, I thought that was where I wanted to go. I don’t go out and shop anywhere anymore. I am always shopping online.”

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Vergara, 46, who admits to have over 50 pairs of jeans herself, says denim is usually her go-to look for date night with husband Joe Manganiello, 42.

“Typically, I’m always in jeans,” she said “It’s crazy because if you open my closet, most of my jeans look the same. I don’t even know why I think that I need 50 jeans, they all look exactly the same. And now I have 10 more that look exactly the same, and they’re [at] the Walmart prices.”

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The line is such a direct reflection of Vergara’s style and personality that she made sure to include one important symbol throughout, the evil eye, which can be seen on all the clothing tags in the collection.

“Since I was a young girl, my mom would put evil eyes on us to protect us from the evil people and the bad energies and so it’s something that is very meaningful to me,” she said. “I buy them, I collect them. When we were thinking about the collection, we thought about bringing something personal, and I thought that was the right thing to do and we have it as the tag in the jeans, we have it in the T-shirts and it’s going to always, I hope, be part of the collection.”

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