Ten percent of all sales from Sofía Vergara's Comfort Shape and EBY products go towards empowering women out of poverty and into microfinance

By Brianne Tracy
May 22, 2019 09:00 AM
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Sofía Vergara has a solution for those who don’t want to sacrifice comfort to look good.

On Wednesday, the Modern Family actress launched Comfort Shape, the newest addition to her existing underwear collection with EBY. Made with a lightweight fabric, the new shapewear product utilizes EBY’s “flocking technology” to prevent any sliding or riding.

“It’s super comfortable,” Vergara, 46, tells PEOPLE. “You don’t feel like you’re in a girdle or anything like that…It holds everything in without making you feel like you want to throw up!”

Vergara co-founded EBY with friend and fellow Colombian Renata Black and spent the last year listening to her customers about what they wanted from their shapewear. After nine months of doing over 30 different fit tests, Comfort Shape was born.

“One day [Sofía] saw the girls in the underwear, and was like, ‘I wonder if they would just want a little bit more support,'” Black says. “I was like, ‘That’s brilliant.’ And so, what we did is we applied the technology around the inside. It’s really revolutionizing shapewear.”

Comfort Shape by EBY
| Credit: EBY

Comfort Shape is is fitted with an overall panel on the high-waisted area of the underwear. It will be available in a nude thong for sizes XS -XL, and a nude brief for sizes 1X -4X, priced at $32 with an EBY subscription. Later, Vergara and Black plan to make the shapewear available in black as well.

Being size-inclusive was important to Vergara, who noticed what types of missing tended to be missing from campaigns on social media.

“Women want to be included,” she says. “There were bigger sizes, there were smaller sizes that couldn’t find the right underwear. So it’s important to know what women need.”

Through the business, Vergara is also paying it forward to other women. Ten percent of all sales from EBY and Comfort Shape go towards the Seven Bar Foundation, which is a non-profit that serves to empower women out of poverty and into business via micro-finance. To date, EBY has provided over 1,256 micro-finance loans to women around the world, including Haiti, Colombia, Nicaragua, India and the United States.

“When I found [Renata] and the company, it was perfect because it was not just for me to make money, but it was also to be part of a beautiful cause,” Vergara says. “We’re trying to empower women all over the world. [The women we’ve helped] each have a very interesting and very heartbreaking story, and it’s great that we’ve been able to give them a little push in their time of need.”

Black adds: “I think it’s neat that Sofía was able to have the vision that with the one decision you make every morning, you can empower another woman. She’s a woman of actions, clearly.”

Vergara says she first started wearing shapewear when she got her start in Hollywood.

“Here, they’re going to take a picture, and they’re going to look at you from every angle,” she says. “So, I’ve always been very cautious. Underwear is something that really makes you or not in an outfit. If you have the wrong underwear, it can really damage the look.”

She continues: “So, I will always really appreciate a good underwear.”

Vergara also admits that there is a time that she wishes she had a pair of her Comfort Shape underwear on: when her dress split open in the back before going on stage with her Modern Family cast to accept an award at the 2012 Emmy Awards.

“I got up and my dress completely split open,” she recalls with a laugh. “The guy that was with me at the time, he just kept calling me. I’m like, ‘No!’ I didn’t know what was going on. I kept walking with my ass completely out. I did wear underwear, though, thank God.”