The Modern Family actress once bore a striking resemblance to the ladies of the Kardashian family

By Emily Kirkpatrick
February 10, 2017 09:40 AM
Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Moet & Chandon

Over the course of the past decade plus, the Kardashians have become synonymous with a very particular look, one largely defined by heavily contoured cheekbones, fake eyelashes that reach up to their eyebrows, voluminous, tousled hair, and an enormous wardrobe of various swimsuits and barely there fashions. But as Sofia Vergara just made crystal clear in her latest Instagram account, believe it or not but this precise aesthetic actually predates the rise of these reality star sisters to fame. In fact, the actress’s throwback photo demonstrates that not only did she help pioneer this look, but she also just might be the KarJenner family’s long lost sibling.

The Modern Family star celebrated Thursday on social media with the time-honored tradition of posting a throwback photo to when she was younger, this week sharing a shot of herself when she was first starting out in Hollywood and posing for bikini-clad comp card shots. Vergara captioned the photo in which she sports substantially darker, almost black hair, “#tbt to when I looked like a Vergashian😂😂😂,” tagging the image’s photographer Barry Peele.

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Aside from the dusky, rib-cage grazing locks, there are also plenty of other Kardashian hallmarks to this particular look. Such as her sharply defined cheekbone, pinky-nude lip color, diamond choker necklace, and tiny white bikini, all of which practically screams early aughts Kim K. Good to know should the family ever need an additional member or body double for their hit reality TV show, Vergara can always step in in a pinch.

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