The Modern Family stunner has a fragrance to call her own

By Alex Apatoff
April 24, 2014 03:00 PM

Bryan Kasm/HSN

Sofia Vergara is living the dream — she’s got a role on a major sitcom, a wedding in the works, a clothing line, makeup and hair endorsement contracts — but there was still one thing on her to-do list, and she’s finally about to check it off. You guessed it: a fragrance. And Sofia by Sofia Vergara is about to fulfill that longtime wish.

“Since I was a young girl, I was very interested in perfumes. I love them,” she tells PEOPLE exclusively. “They were part of growing up, smelling good and feeling clean. Now that I’m able to do all these things that I wanted to do with my career … the perfume was the one thing that I’ve been dreaming of for a long time. I wanted it to be something I believed in, something I’d really wear.”

And she’s so proud of it, she says, that she’s been wearing it for the past four months — long before it was ready for the public consumption. But it’s not like her to coyly say it’s a secret signature scent and leave it at that. “I should have done that! I’ve been telling everyone already — I’m so excited and so proud of it. Sometimes you do something you say, Oh I wish it was this, I wish it had more of that. This was perfection.”

Perfection to her is a fragrance that’s not too floral (“too old-lady”), fruity (“too young”) or woodsy (“too masculine”) — and of course, incorporates notes of the Colombian-born beauty’s favorite scents, Colombian roses and orchids. And the gem-like bottle was inspired by the country’s famous emeralds. “We wanted to do the whole thing green, but it was weird,” she says with a laugh.

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Vergara doesn’t know her earliest fragrance, because, she says, she was wearing it before she could remember. “Maybe it’s a Latin thing — we all grow up putting baby cologne on [babies] — but you always smell like something. We love to give gifts [and] perfume is something that is affordable and special, that you can give everyone,” she says. For example: “The father of my son used to wear Drakkar. Everyone in Barranquilla wore it in the late ’80s. I used to give him that for his birthday, for Christmas! When you know someone’s perfume, it’s something useful — they’ll run out someday and you know they’ll enjoy it.”

Bryan Kasm/HSN

So what are Sofia’s secrets to spritzing perfume? Does she walk through a mist of it? That question elicited a huge laugh from the actress. “No, are you kidding me? I put it in the wrists, then I put it behind my ears, in the back of my head and hair — sometimes my hairstylist gets upset because it oils the hair down when you spray too much. At night time when you want more scent, I spray it on my clothes.”

She doesn’t wear fragrance to get into character on Modern Family, though she does spray it on if she’s in a scene where she has to hug someone — “I want to smell good!” she says. And ultimately, she just wants her fans to get the same kind of joy from fragrance as she does. “My fans that follow me I think because of Twitter and my clothing line, now I know what they like,” she says. “I really worked on this being a fragrance that I know they’re going to like — [like how I want them to be] the woman that I want to dress, I want them to have the perfect makeup. It’s a combination of all the things that I do for myself.”

Sofia by Sofia Vergara starts at $48 and will be available on HSN tonight, then at other retailers in July. Tell us: Are you excited to try her new perfume? What’s your first-ever fragrance? Tell us below!

–Alex Apatoff