Gigi Hadid Kendall Jenner
Credit: Source: Gigi Hadid/Instagram

You may think that the presidential campaigns have been one increasingly heated argument after the next, but Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have nothing on the debates that have been raging in 2016 throughout the fashion industry over the hotly disputed term supermodel. But team KenGi or team Seymour, no matter where you find yourself one thing is undeniable — there’s a whole new crop of It girls in fashion and whether you call them super or not, they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. So to help you unpack all the faces you’re going to need to know for this coming fashion month and beyond, we’ve compiled a list of the top five major models and their bodies of work thus far so you can be an expert on all things runway just in time for NYFW.

To quantify just how major these models already are, we’ve broken down all of their most crucial stats from 2016, including social media followers, magazine covers, and runways walked so far this year, to see how the biggest faces in the biz stack up and why it’s more important than ever to know them right now.

Age: 20

Instagram Followers: 64.9 million

Covers: 8

Runways: 15

Why You Need to Know Her Right Now: When Vogue gives a model the coveted September issue cover slot, the industry tends to sit up and take notice. Plus, with the biggest family in reality TV backing her up, it’s hare to imagine this model’s career is going anywhere but up.

Age: 21

Instagram Followers: 22.4 million

Covers: 10

Runways: 11

Why You Need to Know Her Right Now: After booking almost every major catwalk and covers of fashion magazines the world over, Gigi has now transcended the role of muse, becoming a brand collaborator and co-designer, launching her first collection with Tommy Hilfiger this month at NYFW. And after achieving her goal of walking the Victoria’s Secret runway, it seems this top model is going to have to set her sights a little higher.

Age: 19

Instagram Followers: 6.1 million

Covers: 22

Runways: 11

Why You Need to Know Her Right Now: While Gigi may have garnered all the initial modeling buzz, Bella has been the slow burn breakout success of 2016. Month by month the model’s career seems to be building momentum, booking five big magazine covers in September alone. And with her high profile romance with The Weeknd still going strong, it seems this model’s star will only continue to rise.

Age: 20

Instagram Followers: 4.6 million

Covers: 6

Runways: 25

Why You Need to Know Her Right Now: Taylor has been on a serious roll lately, booking one big magazine and runway show after the next. Plus, with a contract with Victoria’s Secret and a new deal as the face of Lancôme, this model is on the fast track towards household name status.

Age: 19

Instagram Followers: 7.3 million

Covers: 2

Runways: 2

Why You Need to Know Her Now: Hailey may not be racking up numbers quite as big as those of her contemporary catwalkers, but over the past year her career has been steadily building, with 2017 poised to be her most successful to date. Being BFFs with the reigning queens of fashion, KenGi, certainly doesn’t hurt either.