By StyleWatch
Updated June 14, 2010 02:20 PM


So what is a “California Gurl” to do if she’s marrying a die-hard British soccer fan? Split the difference, of course! When USA played England in soccer’s World Cup tournament on Saturday, Katy Perry was the picture of international diplomacy. Rather than choose one team as she famously did with 34-year-old Brand’s favorite London club West Ham at the European MTV awards, the singer-songwriter donned a dress that was half stars and stripes and half Union Jack flag. And she called it right as the game ended in a tie, at one goal apiece. Moments after arriving at the James Corden’s World Cup Live show, she jumped from the sofa to scream “America!” And then she was off her seat again, shouting “England!” She smiled and said, “It’s not about football. It’s just I feel very divided in general.” The showbiz pair, who got engaged in January, are currently planning their wedding. Tell us: Who are you routing for in the World Cup?–Simon Perry