What did the daredevil wear to walk across the tightrope?

By Alex Apatoff
June 24, 2013 05:44 PM


If you were among the many who tuned in to see Nik Wallenda crossing the Grand Canyon without a harness, you may have noticed something unusual about his outfit.

And if you hopped onto Twitter to follow along, you may have noticed that lots of people were commenting on the same thing — and your feed looked something like this:

Tons of people logged on to express their disbelief that Wallenda was attempting the perilous stunt while wearing a pair of blue jeans. Bootcut blue jeans, at that.

And as it turns out, he wouldn’t have worn anything else.

“I was wearing Buffalo Jeans, which is my favorite brand of jeans,” he told radio DJs Scott and Todd of N.Y.’s WPLJ. “They are very, very comfortable and they are just perfect for walking the wire.”

Wallenda sported the $99 “Six” style, which is being renamed for him. And we think this is a true victory for dad jeans worldwide — though most dads aren’t likely to attempt a similar stunt in their loose-fitting denim.

Tell us: What did you think of Wallenda’s stunt? Were you shocked he was in jeans?

–Alex Apatoff