Six Degrees of (Style) Separation on Social Media

How does Lauren Conrad's hair relate to Kevin Bacon?

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While skimming our social media outlets today, we noticed that all of the things we clicked on seemed to connect one way or another. You may think that Marc Jacobs has nothing to do with Nick Cannon (and Marc might think so too) — but you’re mistaken! Just to make sure didn’t miss some of the major moments on Instagram and Twitter today, we rounded em up and made the connections just so you can see how small (say, six degrees apart) the fashion world actually is.

We start with
our favorite reality star and designer Lauren Conrad. The celeb showed off some pink locks, but we know better than to believe it’s a permanent change — she has admitted on her blog that she likes to throw in some easy wash-out color from time to time.

Degree 1: Another fellow fashion blogger, Rookie mag editor Tavi Gevinson, announced today that she will be making her Broadway debut in the play This is Our Youth. The production will star other celebrities including Michael Cera and Kieran Culkin.

Everything Happens So Much

— Tavi Gevinson (@tavitulle) April 9, 2014

Degree 2: Speaking of Broadway, Vanessa Williams has been getting rave reviews for her part in the musical After Midnight. She shared a snap on her Instagram of her dressing room vanity with the caption, “Time to paint for matinee.”

Degree 3: While Vanessa was painting her face, it looks like Nick Cannon was painting his head. We caught a glimpse of his most recent hair shenanigans on Instagram with what appears to be a skunk stripe from front to back. (Apparently he’s keeping his new dos within the animal kingdom?)

Degree 4: Nick’s leopard-print hair was apparently right on trend: Just check out one of the entrants in the “Cast Me Marc” contest below. Marc Jacobs, whose birthday just happens to be today (Happy Birthday MJ!), is on the search for the star of his new Fall/Winter campaign and has decided to select the lucky model from social media. All you have to do is upload a picture of yourself with #CastMeMarc for a chance to be entered (but good luck competing with this guy).

Degree 5: If social media doesn’t turn up a winner, Marc Jacobs may want to consider one of his biggest fans, Lena Dunham. She just wore the designer’s sparkly sequin gown and custom Charlotte Olympia Girls clutch (available for pre-order here), which she showed off on her Instagram before heading out for the big night.

Last month, Dunham was a guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon promoting her show and her hosting of SNL. (This is important to know for the grand finale…drumroll…)

Degree 6: That’s right, your mind is officially blown. The man behind the Six Degrees system, Kevin Bacon, was on the same show mere days later promoting his new show The Following while dancing like crazy. So while you may think that Lauren Conrad’s brightly-dyed hair has nothing to do with the star of Footloose, you can now think again.

Were you able to follow all of that? Let us know in the comments below how we did!

–John Soper

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