Plus, learn about the origination of the iconic brand

By Jillian Ruffo
Updated November 01, 2016 07:00 AM

You may know Burberry for its iconic plaid print, chic trench coats, and gorgeous handbags — but the story behind the brand is much more than luxe pieces in your wardrobe. In fact, the iconic brand dates back 160 years, when Thomas Burberry invented weatherproof fabric and outfitted the military.

So in order to tell the story in time for its 160th anniversary, Burberry has enlisted Asif Kapadia, along with British actors Domhnall Gleeson, Sienna Miller, Dominic West and Lily James to star in a three-minute film entitled The Tale of Thomas Burberry, which gives a historical look at the events that have led to the brand’s existence today. Get the first look in the video above.

Credit: Courtesy Burberry

“This Christmas, as we celebrate our 160th anniversary we wanted to tell the story of Thomas Burberry – pioneer, inventor, innovator, and the man behind the iconic trench coat – in our own words,” Burberry Chief Creative and Chief Executive Officer Christopher Bailey says in a statement. “The film we have made is a brief glimpse inspired by his full and extraordinary life, which threaded its way through the history of the twentieth century in all its tumultuous highs and lows.”

Credit: Courtesy of Burberry

In the film, you’ll see a young Burberry (Gleeson) as he discovers the brand’s original weatherproof fabric, gabardine, and later provides Sir Ernest Shackleton (West) with a supply of uniforms for a number of exhibitions to the antarctic. Along the way, he meets his first love, played by Miller, and falls in love with a fictional character, Betty Dawson (James).

“We feel very proud to be sharing The Tale of Thomas Burberry this Christmas – his spirit and his vision are still at the heart of everything we do at Burberry today,” Bailey adds.

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