By StyleWatch
September 08, 2007 10:00 AM


Looking like she fell out of the 1950’s in a red bodysuit and leopard scarf, Sienna Miller celebrated her clothing line with sister Savannah in an intimate party at Bergdorf Goodman on Wednesday night. And lest you worry that Twenty8Twelve by s. miller is only for willowy stars like Sienna herself, she assures PEOPLE that’s not the case. “Throughout the collection we’ve really covered all different ages, all different body types. It’s really fashionable clothes for all different sorts of confident women.” Speaking of confident women, we had to know if there was any sibling rivalry involved in the design process. Savannah, the older and taller of the sisters, tells PEOPLE that “We both bring something very different to the line, and working together we complement each other. We get along very well. We know each other very well so it’s never a conflict. It’s a really good time to spend time together doing something we both love so it’s great.” Sounds like a perfect match! Shop the collection at