September 22, 2009 07:00 PM

Danny Martindale/WireImage

It was a family affair at the Twenty8Twelve show on Monday night when Sienna and Savannah Miller’s mom, Jo Miller, step-mother Kelly Hoppen and Savannah’s husband took their front row seats at the sisters’ second London Fashion Week collection. Also in the front row — Anna Wintour and MTV presenter Alexa Chung. Backstage, the design duo confessed to PEOPLE that the collection had been hard work and was the product of much sisterly bonding and midnight texting. “We do finish each others sentences,” Savannah told PEOPLE. “Yeah, I guess we are really lucky to have a great relationship where we can work together,” agreed Sienna, as they celebrated with a much-needed cocktail. And with Sienna currently performing in Broadway’s After Miss Julie across the ocean in New York City, the close-knit sisters have proved to be as creative about keeping in touch as they were for their collection of tight denim dresses and striped leotards. “Usually I get my best ideas in the middle of the night,” said Sienna. “We text all the time and we’re always on the bbm [BlackBerry Mobile],” added her sister. With that, the actress fled the backstage area to board a plane back to New York with her mom, her dog and the memories of Anna Wintour applauding her very own fashion moment.–Monique Jessen

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