The ShowrShield retails for $14.95 on and

By Hanna Flanagan
June 11, 2019 02:59 PM
Facial Shower Guard; etsy
Credit: etsy

Etsy is full of creative finds and the latest product going viral is a shower shield for your face.

The visor-shaped ShowrShield is meant to protect your face from water while you shower. According to, the unconventional product protects freshly-applied makeup, eyelash extensions and microbladed brows. It’s also targeted towards people who suffer from hyper-sensory disorder or those recovering from facial surgery.

Business Insider put the product to the test in a new demo video. Despite its gimmicky nature, the reviewer found that the ShowrShield actually works, thanks to a one-size-fits-all adjustable Velcro strap and curved edges.

“After I detangled and washed all the conditioner out of my hair, I got out of the shower and took the ShowrShield off. Immediately I noticed that nothing was different. The makeup was exactly the same as when I got into the shower, so I was very pleasantly surprised,” the Business Insider reviewer wrote.

In a statement on her Etsy page, the owner of ShowrShield — which retails for $14.95 on and — said her invention is the perfect solution for instances when one doesn’t want to wipe away a full face of makeup while showering.

“If I am running late for work or a date, applying makeup can be time consuming and stressful, especially when I already have my previously-applied look still intact from earlier and just need a quick shower for my hair and body. Attempting to prolong my makeup application, I would stand in the shower awkwardly using my hands as a makeshift shield to prevent water from touching my face. It did not work!”

She added, “Not only was this technique ineffective, it prevented me from using my hands to properly shower or shampoo hair. If you have experienced the same frustration, there is a solution! I designed, developed, and manufactured the ShowrShield (patent pending). ShowrShield is an innovative, time-saving, cost conserving, shower accessory that is great for many applications!”

The ShowrShield is reusable and “keeps face, eyelashes, eyebrows and makeup dry in shower,” according to the Etsy page. With an average rating of five stars, nearly all of the 34 customer reviews are positive.

One Etsy user wrote, “Omg! I love this shield! I got my brows microbladed and I would wash my hair under the faucet. This shield just made things so much easier. I don’t doubt you could put makeup on and shower with shield!”