September 27, 2013 02:30 PM

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We’re not sure if Sarah Jessica Parker is starting a new trend, if her tailor is on vacation or if she’s simply moonlighting as a New York City bike messenger. What we do know, though, is she’s really committed to her new way of wearing pants: pegged in interesting manners.

Lately, every time she’s stepped out in a pair of jeans, she’s cuffed ’em creatively. Let’s examine the myriad ways one can peg…

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When Parker folded up the hems of her printed MiH skinnies (photo at far left) and her gray pair (far right), we were on board. Hey, we hate bunching the bottoms of our jeans into booties as much as the next girl. Plus, it’s a cute way to make the cold-weather combo of boots and pants feel a little more late-summer/early-fall-appropriate.

But it was Parker’s other cuffing attempts that had us scratching our heads. What are we supposed to think when she goes out in Michael Stars drawstring pants (second from left) and rolls up one of the loose legs way higher than the other? That she’s channeling 98° circa 1999?

We were equally confused by her folding up the bottoms of her bootcut jeans (center photo). And we don’t even have words for the situation going on in the photo second from the right. Actually, we do have words, but our mothers told us that if we don’t have anything nice to say, we shouldn’t say anything at all.

So we’ll let you say it. What do you think of SJP’s pegging and cuffing?

–Storm Heitman

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