Want to celebrate spring break in style? Find out how to get these exclusive Lilly Pulitzer giveaways - and shop pieces in the Cheek to Cheek limited-edition anniversary print even before the rest of the world.

By Sharon Kanter
March 22, 2019 05:13 PM
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Courtesy Lilly Pulitzer

Lilly Pulitzer is celebrating the brand’s 60th anniversary in bold and bright ways.

Not only did the sunny lifestyle company release a new book that chronicles the rise of the world’s sunniest fashion label and launch some fun new collections (including one for Pottery Barn), it also created special limited-edition prints inspired by the anniversary – and is keeping the party going by running a major spring break promotion this weekend. Check out the scoop on how to get gifts with purchase March 23 and 24, and read on for all the scoop on the special 60th anniversary prints – which will also go on sale Saturday, nearly a full week ahead of the expected drop!

As the Lilly Pulitzer website points out, the brand has been celebrating spring break for 60 years – so they’re making this year a real trip with gifts with purchase that start at any spend (a golden turtle phone ring stand). Spend $200 (conveniently, the Shawn maxi below will qualify) and you’ll get a convertible towel backpack or tennis racket cover in a pastel seaweed print. As you spend more, you could qualify for a train cosmetics case and brush set, a carry-on duffel or – superfans, you might want to sit down – a rollaboard suitcase, all in the same print. (If you’re feeling really lucky, you can also enter a sweepstakes for all of the above, plus a $2,000 shopping spree.)

The new coffee table book, Lilly Pulitzer.
Courtesy of Lilly Pulitzer

Feeling in the mood to shop? The first new print Lilly is launching is Cheek to Cheek, a patchwork-inspired design that features 60 animals and Lilly’s name hidden within the print.

“Lilly used to make dresses out of fabric remnants, so this is an evolution of that concept,” Mira Fain, Executive Vice President of Design, tells PEOPLE of the print.

“It’s an interesting composition of different squares that almost bleed into each other, and each square features different designs,” Fain adds. “It’s not sewn together patchwork, but printed to look like patches.”

Just like any of Lilly’s distinctive designs, the print was developed by the “12 in-house print artists [who] paint every single print,” says Fain, adding that each color is created custom by the brand’s team.

The process isn’t dissimilar to how founder Lilly Pulitzer created her prints in the early years of her brand: She commissioned artists in Key West to create her bright patterns (which were intended to hide stains from fruits she squeezed for her juice stand). “That hasn’t changed over the years,” says Fain. “Obviously, the techniques and the technology have changed quite a bit, but the premise is the same.”

Once the Cheek to Cheek print was created, the brand’s design team used it on everything from pearl-accented maxi dresses to skorts to tops, all of which will be available on March 23. (You can also find it on some of their home and kids' goods for Pottery Barn Kids, available now!)

However, exclusively for PEOPLE readers, three of the pieces are available for pre-order: The Shawn Maxi dress, the Pearl Romper and the Little Lilly Classic Shift for girls.

“The Lilly Pulitzer brand remains relevant and timeless,” the company’s current CEO, Michelle Kelly, tells PEOPLE. “We love who we are, and we embrace a rich heritage and an entrepreneurial spirit that always looks forward. We are confident with our happy prints, bright colors, and effortless styles, rooted in the early days of American resort wear. We are unapologetically Lilly.”

See the full range of Lilly Pulitzer’s Cheek to Cheek print below, and shop it tomorrow on lillypulitzer.com.

The Shawn Maxi and The Pearl Romper

Courtesy of Lilly Pulitzer

The Shawn Maxi ($268) and the Pearl Romper ($168); pre-order for PEOPLE readers on lillypulitzer.com.

Little Lilly Classic Shift

Courtesy of Lilly Pulitzer

Jan Set and Donna Top

Courtesy of Lilly Pulitzer

Patty Skort, South Ocean Skinny and Buttercup Stretch Short

Courtesy of Lilly Pulitzer