September 26, 2011 08:30 PM

Courtesy Cancer Schmancer

Cancer survivor Fran Drescher is helping to make giving back during Breast Cancer Awareness Month a little more stylish. The actress partnered with members-only, eco-chic shopping site, which is holding a week-long charity event to benefit her Cancer Schmancer “Trash Cancer” campaign.

Now through Oct. 2, the site will give 100 percent of proceeds from its sustainable fashion, beauty supplies and luxury products to the organization. And for the entire month of October, if you purchase a limited edition Nialaya bracelet (at left; Justin Bieber and Tyra Banks are fans), you’ll help the cause as well.

“We’re thrilled to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month, while also inspiring consumers to give back year-round,” CEO Paolo Fidanza said in a statement. “Shoppers can feel good every time they make a purchase.”

And Drescher hopes shoppers feel good physically, too. “Cancer Schmancer was created to provide cancer education and awareness,” she said. “Our mission is to arm women with powerful information, making them medical consumers as opposed to passive patients. We must be aware of what we are putting in our mouths, on our bodies and in our homes. If you catch it on arrival, 95 percent survival.”

–Kim Peiffer


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