By peoplemag
Updated September 05, 2007 03:00 PM

courtesy of TOMS

Ever feel guilty about indulging your soft spot for shoes? Fret not. For every pair of TOMS shoes you buy, a pair will go to a child who can’t afford shoes in Argentina, Ethiopia, and South Africa. Former Amazing Race II finalist Blake Mycoskie developed the concept for TOMS upon his 2006 return to Argentina following his initial trip there on the show. Struck by the poverty-stricken children in villages who couldn’t attend school and had diseases due to their inability to afford shoes, “I had an epiphany,” Mycoskie said, “what if we took this [traditional Argentinean] shoe and redesigned it and every time we sell a pair we give one away?” TOMS Shoes has already given 50,000 children in Argentina shoes last year, and will give another 50,000 shoes to South African children in November. Starting at $38 a pair, they’re an affordable — and magnanimous — addition to your closet. And just to give them some style cred, fashionista fans include Scarlett Johannson (who has them in every color), Sienna Miller, and Karl Lagerfeld. Get your own at