Shay Mitchell‘s Instagram feed is a constant source of style and beauty inspiration. But not only is her hair and makeup perpetually perfect, her skin is as well — which is why the Pretty Little Liars star has unveiled a new skincare partnership.


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Bioré exclusively revealed to PeopleStyle that Mitchell is the brand’s newest spokesperson — and with a complexion that flawless, we’re not surprised.

“Bioré has always been a part of my skincare routine,” she says about the partnership. “I’m a huge fan of the charcoal pore strips.”

actress adds that Bioré’s face masks play a role in her and her co-stars’ bonding on-set.

“That’s something we do on set all the time,” she says of Bioré’s self-heating mask. “As were sitting there, it’s a great time to catch up. We have a rule that everything that’s spoken about in the hair and makeup room never leaves.”

Masks aren’t the only part of Mitchell’s skincare routine. She’s dedicated to cleansing her face every day, removing her makeup at night, and once-weekly scrubs with Bioré’s Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub. Plus, she incorporates an inside-out approach to her lifestyle.

“It’s all about drinking water, and I work out a lot,” she adds, noting that boxing and spin classes are her go-to workouts. “When I’m feeling good on the inside it does show on the outside on my skin. And it’s also about getting a lot of sleep — my skin has been a lot better lately cause I haven’t had those 4:30 am wake up calls to be on set.”

If you know Mitchell, it’s clear that she’s just as dedicated to her makeup routine as she is to her skin.

“I love the process of getting ready for events and photo shoots,” she says. “I’m always just watching what [makeup artists] are doing — I’m so fascinated by it.”

And not only are pros teaching her tricks — like keeping spoons in the freezer to de-puff her skin — but Mitchell says that they sometimes learn from her as well.

“I can sometimes teach them tips too,” she shares. “Like If I need a stain on my lips I’ll just cut up a beet and I use that, and it gives your lips a really pretty rose bud natural look it’s a perfect color for anybody’s skin, and it lasts almost all day.”

Which is why, when her friends are getting ready, she’s always eager to help.

“I’ve applied lashes to Ashley [Benson] when we were at Coachella,” she says. “We always joke around because on the show, I’m the one who’s least likely to know where get a haircut or the best beauty salon, but in real life I’m probably the go-to when it comes to beauty.”

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On this season of Pretty Little Liars, which premieres Tuesday, Mitchell and her co-stars will be five years older — and she shares that her character, Emily, may be trying new things in the fashion and beauty departments.

“Where she’s been living for the past 5 years — that’ll have an effect on what she’s wearing going forward, and I think we’re playing around a little more with makeup that I wanted to do,” Mitchell shares.

But Mitchell has a dream beauty look for a role — and she’s up for a challenge.

“Something a lot more drastic in terms of makeup would be so much fun,” she shares. “Would I cut my hair? If it were needed for the role, it’s hair and it’s gonna grow back. Maybe that would be a new challenge for me. But it is my security blanket.”

And when it comes to finding her own beauty inspiration, Mitchell turns to her grandmother — who she says “is adamant about never leaving the house without lipstick on,” and Rihanna.

“Rihanna for me is a huge inspiration because I’m so in awe of how daring she is to try new looks with her makeup, with her hair, with her clothes,” she shares. “It’s interesting when you see people switching it up all the time… even though I don’t really switch it up a whole lot. I’m trying to — that’s my new goal for 2016, to switch up my looks a little bit more, is I’m going to have a little more fun with it this year.

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–Jillian Ruffo