By Jillian Ruffo
Updated December 08, 2015 12:12 AM

From her perfect beach waves to her smoldering smoky eyes, Shay Mitchell is constantly slaying the beauty game. But in her latest shoot for hair guru Jen Atkin’s site, Mane Addicts, the Pretty Little Liars actress proves she’s a total chameleon.

Credit: Mike Rosenthal/Mane Addicts

Mike Rosenthal/Mane Addicts

Atkin, who is also the Kardashians’ go-to stylist, created four extremely different looks on the 28-year-old star.

“Because she’s such a great actress, she really embodied the characters of each of the looks we created,” Atkin tells PeopleStyle. “Shoots are always so much more fun when we’re having fun!”

Credit: Mike Rosenthal/Mane Addicts

Mike Rosenthal/Mane Addicts

Atkin used clip-in extensions to create the first long, sleek look, while the remainder of the four looks — a mid-length shag, curly bob, and a pin-straight lob, donned bangs and were created with wigs.

“Shay was feeling adventurous and was willing to try something fun and new, so we went there,” she shares of the shoot. “I brought a lot of wigs with me to the shoot, so I let her pick what she was feeling.”

And her three hero products helped as well: “sea salt spray, dry texture spray, and a smoothing cream.”

Credit: Mike Rosenthal/Mane Addicts

Mike Rosenthal/Mane Addicts

Though Mitchell’s curls aren’t her own, Atkin shares that the key to achieving her look is all in the haircut.
“If you have a great cut, you don’t need to do anything to style it!”

But if you do need to style, she has some tips.
“Embrace them [your curls],” she suggests. “There’s so much you can do. Diffuse, air dry, ‘set’, or brush them out!”

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And no matter what, don’t use a towel or touch your strands.
“Towels can cause frizz and breakage,” Atkin advises. “Instead, use an old cotton t-shirt to gently squeeze out moisture. Another tip is to avoid touching or brushing the hair too much as this will cause frizz also. For instance, if you’re using a diffuser to dry, start at the roots and keep the diffuser steady vs. constantly moving the hair around.”

We’re set with hair inspiration for a while now, but Atkin shares that if there was one more trick she could have pulled on Mitchell, it would have been a ponytail.
“We really covered the bases! I wanted to do a super high Balmain ponytail, but there just wasn’t enough time!”

For her part, Mitchell loved experimenting with her look, since she doesn’t switch things up in the mane department too often — even though she can pull off just about anything.

“The reason I have so much fun with wigs is because I’m not brave enough to cut or color my own hair. I do that same thing pretty much all the time with my hair, which is just what I’m comfortable with,” she shares. “Down and a beach wave. Sometimes I’ll switch up the wave a little bit and I feel like that’s me being really crazy. My hair is my security blanket. I love that there are so many different alternatives you can use now to have fun and switch up your look without committing to anything permanent. Wig it out! That’s what I always tell my friends who want to experiment with their look.”

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— Jillian Ruffo