The star just revealed a shorter, collarbone-length look

By Jillian Ruffo
August 09, 2016 11:10 AM
Getty; Instagram

Lob lovers, get ready: After providing us with unlimited long hair inspiration for as long as we can remember, Shay Mitchell has decided to switch up her length. The Pretty Little Liars star just let go of what she refers to as her “security blanket,” trading cascading waves for a collarbone-length look — but is it the real deal?

She may have successfully dodged the lob trend for years, but the 29-year-old actress seems to be feeling adventurous, following in the hair footsteps of her lob-loving co-star Lucy Hale by bidding farewell to her chest-length locks. “I like to start each week with a fresh perspective, so we decided to do a little chop chop,” Mitchell wrote in an Instagram post, showing off her new look.

But, there’s a catch. It’s not a coincidence that the guy behind her look, Chris Appleton, happens to be the same stylist behind Kim Kardashian’s latest hair fakeout — and it seems that he’s done the same for Mitchell. Appleton tells PeopleStyle, “I give Shay a new look, but it’s all an illusion. We wanted to try a new shape and length without the commitment.”

To create the faux chop, Appleton “braided away the underneath of Shay’s hair and used a hair piece on the back,” he explains. And unlike Kardashian’s blunt chop, Appleton kept Mitchell’s texture, trimming the ends with a razor.

So will Mitchell ever make the leap? Just because she didn’t this time, doesn’t mean she never will. She recently told PeopleStyle, “Would I cut my hair? If it were needed for the role, it’s hair and it’s gonna grow back,” she said of her strands. “Maybe that would be a new challenge for me. But it is my security blanket.”

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