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If you’re a fan of Shay Mitchell, you’ve probably seen her assistant, right-hand woman, and close friend, Sammy Rosenman in the background of many of her Snaps and Insta-stories. Or, if you’re a real die-hard, you probably already follow this hilarious woman on every platform you can. She’s made a name for herself thanks to her sarcastic and quick-witted sense of humor, undying love for Chipotle, and epic YouTube videos on Shay’s channel giving viewers a BTS tour of the Pretty Little Liars set or going on some ridiculous errand for Shay (like finding human hair to scare off rodents in her garden) in the “Send Sammy” series.

As you can see from even just the above, the job is pretty freaking intriguing. So, we had to sit down with her to get all the insider deets. Here’s what we’ve learned:

1. Always Carry Sriracha and Nipple Covers

After three years working with the PLL star, Rosenman has picked up a thing or two about what Shay might need offhand, and keeps them all pretty much everywhere she might need them. “I have a pack in my car, a pack in her car, packs hidden around her house,” she shares. “It took me almost a year to perfect.” Inside are some things you would expect to find like lip balm (any kind), eye drops, CoverGirl Lash Blast mascara ($7, amazon.com), and Advil, but then we’ve got the real good stuff. “She likes this trifecta of hot sauce, depending on what she’s eating…there’s a chili oil from Africa that we fly in, there’s Tabasco and there’s Sriracha,” she explains. “Then I keep an extra thing of nipple covers and an extra pair of underwear.” Natch.

2. Keep a Personal SOS Kit

Of course, Rosenman has a survival guide packed with a few essentials of her own: “I have back-up chargers in there for sure, and then there are tiny little bottles of Patrón for my mental state,” she jokes. “No, I’ve worked for people who are not as easy as her. She’s a good human and genuinely cares about people and enjoys her job and her life. She’s not somebody that I need to carry Xanax for.”

3. There Are Perks

As you’d expect, being so close to one of Hollywood’s hottest stars has its benefits. Unfortunately, Rosenman explains that because they don’t wear the same size clothes or shoes and don’t have the same skin tone, most of Shay’s gifts stay safe. “When people send her oversized sweatshirts and sweatpants, I’m the first to grab them because I’m like ‘I get nothing out of this,’ so that stuff I take,” she says. “I’ve also stolen a lot of Emily Fields’ clothes [Shay’s PLL character.] I’m in a Rosewood shirt every other day.” She also works with Bioré a lot and loves their pore strips ($14, amazon.com), Rosenman shares. “She does them in the car, everywhere. So I’ll steal those too. I honestly feel like Bioré wants me to be their spokesperson but they just don’t know how to tell Shay.”

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4. No Two Days Are the Same

Of course, working as a celebrity’s assistant isn’t your typical 9-5. “Every single day is so different,” Rosenman shares. “But usually, if she’s home she’ll probably start the day with a workout so if I’m not running errands, I’ll pick her up, drop her at the trainer or spin class, run some errands, get her to go through her emails or do photo approvals, try and get her to clean out her closet, things like that…errands and miscellaneous Shay stuff.” While that all seems pretty standard, things get flipped totally on their head when she’s shooting. “If she’s got an early shoot then I could be picking her up at 4 AM or on PLL, she used to have 10 PM call times and wrap at 5 AM. It’s pretty much a 24/7 situation.”

5. Make The Container Store Your BFF

Shay’s not someone who spends a ton on clothes or shoes, Rosenman reveals, but she does love a good vintage bag. “She’s got some really cool vintage Chanel bags, and just found one old one on eBay,” she explains. “We have a whole cabinet that stores all of them.” But that’s just the wardrobe. Her makeup is another story. “She has so much lip color—matte this, glossy that. She’s a creature of habit and has the 5 go-tos she always wears but still has drawers and drawers of it.” Enter The Container Store. “[It’s] my happy place,” she shares. “I love clear acrylic trays for everything because they don’t get dirty and you can see everything. That’s how we organize the makeup. Any chance I get to organize, I do, and put everything at a 90-degree angle. It’s such a sickness.” And this isn’t just an at-work thing. She’s just as tidy in her own life. “I clean out my one-bedroom apartment every six or seven weeks. If you save everything, it just never happens, you lose steam. So I just go little by little multiple times a year and it’s way easier.”

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