Shay Mitchell's 58-Step Beauty Routine Includes a 24-Karat Breast Mask: 'I Really Go Full Out'

Shay Mitchell shared her beauty secrets with Vogue in the detailed explainer

Shay Mitchell doesn't miss a single step of skincare.

The 34-year-old actress walked through her 58-step skincare routine in a Vogue YouTube video Wednesday, explaining every step of the impressive regime.

"If I have time, I really go full out with my skin care… Why not? It feels good," Mitchell said in the "Beauty Secrets" tutorial.

After washing her face and applying an ice roller, the You actress began layering different masks, beginning with an eye mask, then a forehead mask and a full sheet to cover her face.

Next, she strapped on a chin mask from Japan, and finished off the whole process with a top layer: a full face mask from Jessica Alba's The Honest Company. "Thank you, Jessica!" Mitchell joked of the product.

Shay Mitchell Talks 58-Step Beauty Routine

While waiting for the masks to work their magic, Mitchell moved on to the next step in her routine, a 24-karat breast mask.

"Your boobs need love, too. Especially if you're going to an event and have a low-cut dress," she explained.

After peeling off her masks, the star shifted to serums and moisturizers, including her "big secret," – a Vitamin E wheat germ oil aloe vera around her eyes. Mitchell also applied a Kiehl's cream, which she said helped with the melasma spots that appeared during pregnancy. The Pretty Little Liars alum welcomed daughter Atlas, now 2, with partner Matte Babbel in October 2019.

Shay Mitchell Talks 58-Step Beauty Routine

To stay safe in the sun, Mitchell smoothed on sunscreen, and finally tapped Aquaphor onto her lips before beginning makeup.

Starting with Fenty Beauty Spray, Mitchell joked to Vogue, "If this is what Rihanna uses, and this is what gets her skin to glow, then I probably should also drink it," before disclaiming, "I'm kidding! I'm not gonna drink it. Don't drink this."

After applying two shades of RCMA foundation, Mitchell added a color corrector and blended everything together with a brush. "The makeup I'm doing today is a little heavier than I would normally do, but this is everyday makeup," she shared. "It's pretty natural."

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As Mitchell contoured her face, she revealed that she's done her own makeup on set for "quite a few shows" in the past.

"I'm actually quite fast at doing this … I could probably do my makeup in about 30 minutes," she teased.

For finishing touches, Mitchell applied Refy gloss highlighter, plus two blushes — one from Benefit and the other from Kylie Cosmetics. Then, she enhanced her freckles by adding some subtle dots to her cheeks. In total, she used over 25 cosmetic products to get glam.

Despite her stacked makeup collection, Mitchell insists that she keeps her look natural, telling Vogue, "That's what I think makes people beautiful — when they just enhance what they were born with."

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