By StyleWatch
Updated April 19, 2010 01:00 PM

Christopher Polk/WireImage

When Shaun White approached his new collection of shoes for Target, he looked at what was already out there — and went in the other direction. “One had a bunch of different things stuck all over it, three different color laces, all this stuff. It was overkill,” Shaun tells PEOPLE. “Our approach is a lot more simple: I could go skate in these, but I could just cruise around in these shoes these pants and a blazer and like whatever you wouldn’t question it. They’re low profile.” They won’t stay so low profile when he competes at the Summer X Games in various pairs of skate shoes from his Shaun White Shoes line, out July 11 in Target stores. Now in their eighth year of collaboration, Target, Shaun and his design partner (and older brother) Jesse, created footwear that’s simple and streamlined, in strong colors like black, azure blue and bright red. Shaun’s first concern was function — could he compete in the shoes he designed? “There’s a certain feeling you get through the bottom of your shoe where you can feel your skateboard,” he says. “If you look at shoes that people make on the mass market, they’re not right,” Jesse adds. “You can’t really skateboard in them, you can’t use them, so what we wanted to do was have shoes that you could actually use, you could really skate in.”

Shaun’s shoes won’t just be functional, they’ll also be affordable. It was a priority for the brothers, who grew up skating, skiing and snowboarding, and remember how far their parents had to stretch their wallets in order to provide them with the gear to do what they loved. “Moms, to this day, I hear it. ‘I just bought him that skateboard! Why is it already shredded?’ Like, because he’s been skating it!” Shaun says. “It’s a nice scenario that you can get these shoes at a nice affordable price.” And there is hope for all the girls who steal their boyfriend’s pieces from Shaun’s clothing line for Target. “There’s so much room for us to grow still. That’s why it’s fun,” Shaun says. “We’re not trying to blow it out right away but I’m hoping eventually we’ll have women’s, too. Hearing the random, ‘I love your stuff because I’m a girl and boys sizes fit me.’ That’s my favorite thing.” Shop Shaun’s line at now. –Helin Jung