Sharon Stone on Life as Single Mom of 3 and Why She's 'No Longer Hoping' for a Partner

Sharon Stone, 60, opens up about what it's like raising three boys as a single parent

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Sharon Stone is happy with the men she has in her life—her three sons, Quinn Kelly, 12, Laird Vonne, 13, and Roan Joseph, 18.

“This is a very good period of my life right now—my life is happy,” the actress, 60, told PEOPLE after speaking at the Marie Claire Power Trip, an annual summit that empowers women in business. The Mosaic actress attended the event, held at a private retreat outside of San Francisco, to speak on the topic “Power Your Legacy: Following Your Instincts to Kill It in Hollywood. Her advice: Follow your instincts not just in business, but in your family life, too.

“I live in the same house I’ve had for 25 years, and I feel happy waking up in my house with my kids,” she told PEOPLE of her three sons during an exclusive interview following the panel. “They’re at a wonderful age when we don’t have to have a nanny living with us anymore. I can wake up on a Saturday and I come downstairs, and they’re playing and we hang out. We swim, play basketball, we watch movies. We have such a lovely family dynamic.”

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She says she’s grown a lot to reach this point as a single parent. “It takes work and time and years and effort,” she noted. The trauma she suffered from a brain aneurysm in 2001 remains with her today, as does the memory of her very public custody battle over her eldest son, Roan, in 2008, following her divorce from her second husband, newspaper executive Phil Bronstein.

“I learned so much from having been so ill, and regaining the gratitude for the simple things—for being able to see, for being able to talk, for being able to walk,” she said. “I was ashamed that it took something so big. I was really ashamed of myself. I lost everything—my marriage, my career, my kids, everything.”

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Slowly but surely, she regained her footing in her career and her life offscreen. Last year, she accepted the Mother of the Year Award at the Associates for Breast and Prostate Cancer Studies (ABCs) Mother’s Day Luncheon.

“Motherhood didn’t come easily, but it came lovingly to me by angels,” Stone said in her acceptance speech at the time. “We’re a happy and lucky family. That is the credo we stand for.”

Now, she said, it’s a gift for her to see her three sons grow into their own as young men.

Her oldest, Roan, is a “gifted glassblower,” who is “a beautiful period of his development where he’s really finding himself.” Meanwhile, her middle son, Laird, runs cross country “and comes home with mud all over him.” Her youngest, Quinn, is the quarterback of his flag football team. “Today I got texted video clips of the game, and it’s such a thrill for me,” she said at the Marie Claire-hosted event.

“When you decide to take on this big adventure of being a single parent, you don’t know what it’s going to be like,” she told PEOPLE. “You think, how am I ever going to do this all? It’s just a lot. Even with the help that we’re so blessed to be able to have, your hair’s still going down the drain in the shower. It’s just a lot.”

For a long time, she said she thought her life would have a man in it, and she’s been linked to several in recent years, including model Martin Mica and actor David DeLuise. Most recently, she’s been spotted snuggling up to real estate mogul Angelo Boffa, 41.

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“I think somewhere in the back of your mind you think maybe one day you won’t be a single parent,” she said. “Then, eventually you realize, I think it’s better. I’m no longer hoping for someone.”

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Giving up that longing for a father figure in her boys’ lives has empowered her, she said.

“Now, I sit down and tell them, this is where I have to teach you how to be a gentleman and a man and we’re going to figure that out together,” she said. “There were times that we thought maybe there would be someone else to help with that, but there isn’t. So that’s what we’re doing now.”

One life lesson she really wants to pass down to them: confidence, a concept that took her all her life to learn.

Said the star: “When I look back on my career, I think that I had no idea that I was beautiful. I didn’t know. I had no idea. I thought there was always so many things wrong with me and I couldn’t get over all the things that were wrong with me and I couldn’t get past that I wasn’t enough.”

“Now I realize that every single person gets stuck in this, and that you lose some of the most beautiful moments of your life by not really getting that you’re just fine,” she continued.

“In life, nobody comes in and tells you everything that’s right with you, and that’s what I do with my children,” she said. “I sit down on the edge of their bed and I tell them all these millions of things that I think are just terrific about them.”

As for what’s next? She’s taking the success, failures, and everything in between as it comes.

“I’m not trying to drive the direction [of my life] like I used to,” Stone said. “I used to really have ambition and certainty, and now I only ask to be put where I’m meant to be and do what I meant to do, and be the best that I can be where I’m at.”

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