The actress doesn't appear to have aged a day

By Emily Kirkpatrick
Updated August 01, 2016 04:12 PM
Credit: Sharon Stone/Instagram

As you may have noticed lately, the temperature outdoors currently registers somewhere between oppressive desert heat and swamp-like humidity, making even the faintest idea of getting dressed a laughable fantasy. In other words, bikini season is fully upon us, that time of year when the only acceptable apparel comes in two pieces and if you aren’t fully submerged in a body of water at all times, you’re not doing it right. And no celeb is currently living her best bikini-clad life better than Sharon Stone.

On Sunday, the 58-year-old actress shared a shot on Instagram from exactly the place we should all be spending our entire summer, a tranquil body of water. In the photo, Stone smiles at the camera while in the midst of stepping out of the pool with her hair slicked back, makeup-free, and wearing a giraffe-print brown and white string bikini.

For any fans of the Basic Instinct star, this image will hardly come as a surprise as it’s quite in keeping with her usual body-positive style M.O. In fact, Stone can regularly be found clothed in semi-revealing apparel, telling People back in 2014 that being 56 feels just like being 32 again — a time when she’s “really going for it and kicking doors down and starting a new chapter…except this time I feel more because I don’t feel afraid.”

And clearly, that same zest for life has transcended to her wardrobe, as well. Hey, if we looked this good in a bikini at even half her age, we’d feel pretty fearless too.

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–Emily Kirkpatrick