Celebrity colorist Jack Martin, who most recently dyed Jane Fonda's gray pixie, switched up Osbourne's signature hair color

After nearly two decades of coloring her hair, Sharon Osbourne is officially embracing her natural hue.

The star, 67, has been dyeing her hair a deep red color for the past 18 years and has had to get it done about once a week to keep the color intact. But after spending so much time in the salon, Osbourne wanted a change, and enlisted celebrity colorist Jack Martin to help with a major transformation.

“Sharon has 100% white hair and she was coloring her hair once a week dark vibrant red for the past 18 years. She explained to me that she wanted to do this transformation long time ago but every time she attempts it ends up with a disaster,” Martin wrote on Instagram along a side-by-side photo of Osbourne’s old and new hair looks.

Sharon Osbourne
Credit: Lester Cohen/Getty; Jack Martin/Instagram

He continued, “Sharon was very tired of coloring her hair once a week and she was obligated to since she is on tv almost every day hosting her popular tv show @thetalkcbs.”

While Martin told her he would try his best to give her the color she was hoping for, he knew it would be a challenge to make such a dramatic switch-up — but he pulled it off without a hitch.

Sharon Osbourne
Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

“It took me a total of eight hours from start to finish to get her to a platinum blonde so she doesn’t have to be committed to coloring her hair once a week anymore,” the colorist said.

Martin is also the mastermind behind the momentous occasion at the 2020 Oscars when Jane Fonda, 82, stepped out with a gray pixie cut created by the colorist.

Jane Fonda
Credit: Gisela Schober/Getty; Kevin Winter/Getty

“She showed me her inspiration and immediately decided that I was the guy for the job,” Martin told PEOPLE, adding that the Grace and Frankie star was fearless when it came to embracing her gray hair — and underwent a seven-hour transformation to achieve the “icy silver blonde” shade.

“If you meet Ms. Fonda in person, you’ll witness her strong personality and her simplicity at the same time,” Martin said. “She is someone who is very far from being nervous about a hair makeover…She’s the kind of person who is not afraid of change.”