Shannen Doherty Wears Long Black Wig As She Gets Back to Work After Cancer Battle

The actress has documented her each step of her breast cancer experience with her fans on Instagram

Shannen Doherty/Instagram

Actress and breast cancer survivor Shannen Doherty just showed off her growing pixie cut on Instagram Tuesday, and is now back at work filming her new Paramount Network series, Heathers, after fighting a two-year long battle with the disease.

The star shared a selfie on the set of the series set to premiere in January 2018 getting into character by wearing a long black wig pulled back with a red scrunchie. In the caption, Doherty wrote a heartfelt message about how meaningful it was to return to set after her illness.

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“Was back on set today. It’s been a rough two years. Fighting cancer. As an actor, people bench you. They assume you’re to weak, not able etc. etc. and yet it’s something like work that invigorates and renews strength to conquer the unimaginable beast,” Doherty said.

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“I compared myself to a car today,” she added. “That vintage Shelby that’s been in the garage too long. It’s still a great car. The best. Just needs time for the engine to warm up and it’s good to go. Performing like it’s supposed to,” she said. “I’m grateful for today. Grateful for everyday. Thank you @heathers for letting me play and be someone else today. Great crew, great writers, great cast, great show, great director.”

Shannen Doherty/Instagram

The star’s been through an emotional journey since she started battling breast cancer March 2015 and bravely shared the each step of the way with her fans on Instagram. Last summer, Doherty posted an set of photos when she shaved her head with friend Anne Kortright-Shilstat and mom Rosa Elizabeth by her side.”Cupcake pan, chocolates and a razor stay tuned,” Doherty captioned her first Instagram post while giving a glimpse of what was to come. “#Cancersucks #thankgodforfriends.”

This April, the Heathers actress shared the best news yet on Instagram: that her cancer is in remission.

“Moments. They happen. Today was and is a moment. What does remission mean? I heard that word and have no idea how to react,” Doherty said. “Good news? YES. Overwhelming. YES. Now more waiting.”

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