By StyleWatch
Updated July 30, 2010 09:00 PM

Courtesy Puig

Get ready to unleash your inner She Wolf! Shakira, the newest addition to Hollywood’s roster of celebrity perfumers, has bottled her famous sex appeal for her new fragrance, S by Shakira. “The type of women who feel a connection with this fragrance would be independent and strong, but also a woman with a great capacity to love and a strong sense of who they are. It’s for a woman who believes in herself,” Shakira says. The Grammy Award winner has collaborated with Puig to explore her delicate side with a scent that exudes simplicity, sensuality and self. The fragrance’s signature notes are bright jasmine, sandalwood and an oriental dream housed in a luminous bottle that evokes an oriental dancer. “Like one of my songs, I wanted S by Shakira to tell a story, and to be something personal and unique. A perfume has to really reflect something inside you, make you connect with it in an emotional way,” the singer muses. S by Shakira will hit shelves in September, with prices ranging from $17 to $35. But from the sound of it, Shakira is looking for a cadre of hit scents to join her platinum records, exclaiming “S by Shakira is only the beginning! There is definitely more to come!” – Jessie Goldberg