"Won't you be my neighbor? Entice your friends next door with your playful puppets!" the description reads


Another year, another questionable Halloween costume has debuted online.

For the upcoming holiday, popular costume retailer and lingerie store Yandy is selling a sexy Mister Rogers costume dubbed “Nicest Neighbor.”

Taking away the innocence of Fred Rogers, the late TV personality known as the host of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood — a children’s show that promoted love and friendship while tackling difficult subjects like divorce and war — the costume features a crop v-neck red sweater (a signature look of Mister Rogers), high-waisted grey biker shorts and a white detachable collar with a black neck tie.

For those willing to really take the costume to the next level, Yandy is also selling hand puppets, a wig, belt and socks separately.

“Won’t you be my neighbor? Entice your friends next door with your playful puppets!” the description reads.

“Suit up with a necktie, and be the friendliest next door neighbor in town in this exclusive Nicest Neighbor costume.”

The ensemble retails at $59.95.

Mister Rogers
Mister Rogers costume
| Credit: Yandy

The costume has been met with not-so-rave reviews on social media.

“Nothing about this costume evokes Mr. Rogers for me,” Politico Senior Reporter Dana Rubinstein wrote on Twitter.

“Someone made a sexy Mr. Rogers costume we are all doomed,” author Jessica Valenti tweeted.

“Mr. Rogers is Saint-like status. Can we just not?” a different social media user expressed.

“This is gross,” TV writer Amanda Deibert tweeted.

Mister Rogers
Fred Rogers
| Credit: Deborah Feingold/Corbis via Getty

A rep for Yandy tells PEOPLE, “Each year Yandy rolls out new and exclusive costumes that celebrate what’s going on in pop culture.”

“Yandy has perfected the art of weaving cultural inspirations and individual personality into garments. Our lingerie and costumes exude charisma, style and personality. Yandy’s customers are unapologetic about using fashion as self-expression.”

“Our goal at Yandy is to create costumes that are sexy, fashion-forward and light-hearted. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and neither do our customers. We know Halloween is a time to dress up, have some fun, and also be sassy. Yandy shoppers are witty, smart and don’t shy away from a bit of snarkiness, which makes them all the more sexy in our opinion.”

“All in all, we stick to our mantra of ‘own your sexy’ and echo our inspiration by saying ‘we like you just the way you are.'”

Yandy’s newest creation comes a year after they revealed a sexy Handmaid’s Tale outfit.

The retailer recreated the body-concealing red clothing handmaids wear in Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel (that has been adapted into an Emmy award-winning TV show) by shortening the hem via a red mini dress, adding a cape with slits along the front and side and topping off the look with fishnet tights. The “Brave Red Maiden” costume retails for $64.95.

With a subject matter as serious and haunting as this series, which centers around state-sanctioned abuse of women, creating sexy versions of abused characters is not creative, funny or appropriate.

The retailer has also received countless backlash in previous years for their controversial pregnant Kylie Jenner costume, which they named “Reality Star in the Making” and the year before they made a sexy Donald Trump costume.