Are you loving this look?

This has been a big year for piercings. Celebs expanded their earring horizons with ear cuffs, ear waves, two-sided earrings and more. But there are some stars for whom a funky earring is not enough, so they’ve brought a funky edge to the jewelry scene with their septum rings — in the case of these three celebs, all in the past week.

rihanna septum piercing


Lady Gaga is always boundary-pushing, but she opted for the most traditional version of the ring — the one that all of the skateboarders in your freshman year homeroom had, with the captive bead. She adds it in when she’s doing “Funky Gaga” — this doesn’t get worn on stage with Tony Bennett, though she will share a close-up of it while listening to herself sing ’40s music on Instagram. She’s also got a more decorative version (as seen below) for when she’s feeling more artsy, less goth.

Next is Zoë Kravitz, for whom the septum ring seems less a statement than an everyday accessory. Simple, subtle and silver, hers is a constant presence both on the streets of NYC and on Instagram, as seen here.

Finally, Rihanna, who falls more into Camp Gaga in terms of taking her septum piercing in and out. But because she’s Rihanna, she doesn’t do anything that could be considered basic. Her go-to nose ring is what appears to be a set of golden wings that mimics the lines of her torso tattoo.

As Jessica Biel showed us at last year’s Met Gala, septum piercings don’t have to be drastic — you could try the look for one night only if you were so inclined. So tell us: Would you give the look a shot? Do you like it on these stars?

–Alex Apatoff