Do you like the star with lightened-up locks?

By Alex Apatoff
Updated October 08, 2013 01:22 PM

Splash News Online; Ramey

While stars just can’t shake the ombré trend (we’re looking at you, Jessica Alba), others can’t wait to get their hair transformations over with. Selma Blair is just the latest star to unveil her newly blonde locks after a brief transitional period (Ashley Greene beat her to it last week).

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The star switched up her signature super-dark chocolate locks shortly after ending her role on Anger Management earlier this summer, showing off dip-dyed strands and highlighted bangs for a lightened-up look. We were certainly surprised by the change — and even more so to find that this may have been long in the works. At the time, she tweeted “Fixing. Takes time. Years of black hair dye. Yowzah.”

And perhaps all that blonde dye explains the dry-looking ends many commenters noticed when she first debuted her in-between hue. But never fear — she took your advice and has chopped off the offending strands for something shorter. The actress is now sporting a sleeker, shoulder-length cut to go with her lightened-up look.

Do you like her as a blonde? Will you miss the old, dark hair? Weigh in below.

–Alex Apatoff