Selma Blair Defends Her Overgrown Roots in Paparazzi Photo: 'I Will Grow My Hair Gloriously Grey'

The star defends her hair after it's called out online

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Selma Blair will not be shamed for her gray hair. The star was snapped by paparazzi in-between root touch-ups, and when the photos were called out online, she confronted the issue like a total pro.

After a recent article highlighted the star’s silver roots, she was quick to respond with a post on Instagram. The star shared the photo of her overgrown roots, writing, “Happy Monday. Things to do: turn off Google alert. Stop eating four cupcakes a day. Ask The Daily Mail if they could possibly start using filters. Wear exquisite hats!”

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Blair added that she’d actually like to embrace her grays one day, and also shaded the photographer who made it a point to call her out. “I think I have a fantasy I will grow my hair gloriously grey,” the star said. “But it doesn’t seem a real option. Thanks to this thoughtful paparazzi dude who has given me such a warm and fuzzy feeling.”

What do you think of Blair’s grown-out roots? Do you relate to her hair troubles? Sound off in the comments below.

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