Albert Michael/Startraks

When Selena Gomez launched her Dream Out Loud clothing line for Kmart in August, neither the Disney star nor the retailer predicted the huge amount of success it would achieve– and Selena has a fellow songstress to thank. “When it comes to daily wear, I love Jessica Simpson,” the 18-year-old actress told WWD. “She kind of has the same vibe of making really great clothes that she knows her fans will really love.” And last week, Selena gave her fans even more to scream about, appearing at Kmart in New York–one of 1400 stores that carries the juniors brand–and greeting hundreds of fans including Julianne Moore and her daughter, Liv. “It’s crazy and so great. All of my hard work has truly paid off,” Selena said. And although the star credits Marchesa and Christian Cota as her favorite high-end designers, she had a more realistic vision for her budget-friendly Kmart line. “I didn’t want to just slap my name on it. I wanted it to be real clothes that real people could wear,” she says. With Dream Out Loud’s footwear set to hit stores in October, and its on-trend jewelry due in November, Selena Gomez fashion fans have plenty to be excited about! To pick up your piece of Selena’s flirty fall collection, visit a Kmart store near you or check out –Jessie Goldberg