July 26, 2013 04:00 PM

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Apparently turning 21 has made a lot of things more clear for Selena Gomez. For instance, the star seems to have decided that her newly-legal-to-drink uniform should consist of high-waisted short-shorts, abs-baring tops and seriously funky shoes.

For her birthday dinner at L.A.’s Bagatelle Monday, the star wore a cropped, embellished Missguided top and quilted Topshop shorts (both under $100!) a look she called “really cute and appropriate for my 21st.”

To perform on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno the next night, she went even shorter, picking a pair of Houghton leather briefs to wear with a sheer Barbara Bui lace duster and some maje Jimmy Choo cage boots.

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Then she repurposed her favorite shorts (in black this time) and those bold perforated Choos to wear with a black crop top ringed with an apple-green patent band.

In our opinion, these outfits might have been more effective before she turned 21 — after all, it would distract any bouncer from looking too closely at one’s ID. But Gomez is one of maybe seventeen people on the planet who can pull this distinctive look off, so we give her props for committing.

Tell us: What do you think of Gomez’s new grown-up look?

–Alex Apatoff

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