July 20, 2011 05:30 PM

Gilbert Flores/Celebrity Photo

Is Selena Gomez following in the footsteps of boyfriend Justin Bieber? When it comes to making scents, the answer is yes! The actress has announced that just like her superstar beau, whose perfume line was a dream come true for Beliebers, she too will be helping the world smell sweeter with her own signature scent. “I’ve been working on my fragrance for almost a year now,” she told E! Online. “I’m excited, [because] it’s something I’m interested in … I’m already doing the whole process of smelling things and designing it and the campaign and everything, so it’ll be fun.” Gomez’s debut fragrance, the first from extreme sports and adventure-themed lifestyle brand Adrenalina, is expected to hit stores in the spring of 2012. A rep for Adrenalina says, “We are incredibly enthused to be working with Ms. Gomez and will reveal more details pertaining to the fragrance as we get closer to the launch date.” Tell us: Will you buy Gomez’s perfume?Kim Peiffer


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