Selena Gomez Gets Dainty Cross Inked on Her Collarbone by Celebrity Tattoo Artist Bang Bang

The tattoo artist posted a video of Selena Gomez with her fresh ink on Instagram Thursday

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez. Photo: Tibrina Hobson/Getty

Selena Gomez has some new ink!

The singer, 28, now has a dainty cross on her collarbone. The tattoo was done by celebrity tattoo artist Keith Scott "Bang Bang" McCurdy.

The artist posted a video of Gomez with her fresh ink on Instagram Thursday, writing: "We [heart] @selenagomez"

This isn't the first tattoo the Rare Beauty founder has from Bang Bang. Several of her other pieces are from the artist, including one of her latest: the word "Rare," a nod to her most recent album.

In 2014, Bang Bang inscribed the Arabic words that translate to "love yourself first" on her back below her right shoulder. He's also etched the roman numerals LXXVI on the back of her neck.

Gomez has 15 tattoos total, including the new cross, according to Page Six. Many of them represent important moments in her life, including the date of her kidney transplant.

Her first tattoo was a small music note on her wrist. In a 2012 interview with Access Hollywood, Gomez said she got the tattoo because "music is a big influence in my life."

She continued, "I was named after a singer, I'm a singer and a lot of other personal reasons. So, that's what I got."

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In March, Gomez opened up about her lengthy career in both TV and music for Vogue's April cover story — and revealed that she wants to lean into acting and producing more so than music in the future.

"It's hard to keep doing music when people don't necessarily take you seriously," she told the magazine. "I've had moments where I've been like, 'What's the point? Why do I keep doing this?' 'Lose You to Love Me' I felt was the best song I've ever released, and for some people, it still wasn't enough."

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"I think there are a lot of people who enjoy my music, and for that I'm so thankful, for that I keep going, but I think the next time I do an album it'll be different," she added. "I want to give it one last try before I maybe retire music."

She continued, "I haven't even touched the surface of what I want to do. The parts that I want are the ones I need help with. I can't wait for the moment when a director can see that I'm capable of doing something that no one's ever seen."

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