Check out where the Keeping Up with the Kardashian star keeps her colorful collection of wigs

By Sarah Kinonen
Updated September 16, 2015 06:16 PM

If you’ve ever wondered where Kylie Jenner keeps her colorful collection of wigs, or where her extensive beauty tutorials take place, or where the Kylie Lip Kit magic happens, you’re in luck. Because the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan is giving fans a virtual tour of her favorite room in the house: the Glam Room.

Courtesy Kylie Jenner

The 18-year-old moved into her $2.7 million mansion in June, but now, the star is welcoming fans into her humble (ha, ha) abode, one room at a time, via a video on her brand-new app. And the first room she’s sharing is the one where all the makeup magic happens.

“This is my favorite room in the house — I spend all of my time in here,” she says in the video. “I do my makeup in here. I dye my hair in here. I put my extensions in in here. I have meetings in here. I just love this room because it’s super light and has good energy.”

To pair with the “super” lighting, Jenner has decorated her super-luxe space with photos of her older sisters for “inspiration,” quartz crystals for positive vibes and empty Hermès boxes collected by her famous family over the years.

“These Hermès boxes are really important to me,” she says. “Kourtney gave them to me — I have like a million more. I don’t know how she had so many. I think they were all my family’s boxes over the years, like everything Kim, Kourtney, Khloé and my mom got from Hermès and they just collected them all — so I have them all for just a little decor.”

And, of course, every Glam Room needs an extensive cosmetics stash: “Over here is where I keep all of my makeup. I have, like, way too much makeup for one person, but I love makeup and I’m always getting new things.”

Which is probably why she was super excited to share a sneak peek of one of the products from her highly anticipated Lip Kit in the clip.

“[Here’s] a little preview of the Kylie Lip Kit that I’ve been working on forever,” she says. “It’s like my favorite thing ever. I’m wearing the color right now — I’m really excited about it.”

And for those of you wondering about the Lip Kit’s packaging, Jenner assures viewers it’s not quite finalized, so “don’t judge” her. She then tests out the color — a shimmery pinky-brown liquid lipstick — in one of the many mirrors in the room. (“This is one of the colors. I love it.”)

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Jenner ends the tour by showing off some of her most prized possessions: her wigs.

“These are some of my wigs. They’re super nappy right now, so don’t judge me,” she says pointing out some of her most famous faux hair — her baby blue bob, the long blonde wig she wore to her 18th birthday party, which she’s named “Kourtney” and an auburn-hued one, which she’s not sure really suits her. “This one I’ve actually only worn in Snapchat — I don’t think that color is for me,” she confesses.

What do you think of Kylie’s Glam Room? What would you put in your Glam Room if you had one? Share below!

–Sarah Kinonen