August 19, 2013 01:00 PM

Courtesy The Motley

You probably already have a crush on Darren Criss’s voice. Now, the Glee star is making fans swoon over his scent.

Criss has teamed up with the men’s grooming brand The Motley, as a partner and investor in the line, and he’s shared some sexy shots to promote their debut fragrance, Atlas. Turns out, he wasn’t always a cologne enthusiast.

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“It’s safe to say my first scents were random freebies I’d get at the mall, but it takes a lot of failures to reach success,” the actor tells PEOPLE. “I had associated cologne with men who didn’t really know how to wear it, but as I got older, I started to discover that fragrances (if used correctly) were not actually designed to pollute a person’s aroma, but rather, enhance it.”

And though he’s now more up-to-speed on what makes a man’s cologne scent-sational, Criss admits he’s not that picky when it comes to how a woman smells.

“Just like any attribute for anybody, it’s all about ownership. Knowing when and where it works,” he says. “That personal finesse of “making it work” almost transcends the value of whatever the actual scent is … I’m not attracted to the ‘smell’ per se, although admittedly that can be alluring at first. It isn’t as long lasting as the ‘wow’ factor of, ‘that smell really suits this woman well and I can’t tell the two apart.'”

Tell us: Do you like a man in cologne? And do you find Criss’s new ads sexy?

–Brittany Talarico

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