Sean Penn gave David Spade his first tattoo during a Saturday Night Live sketch in November 1995

When David Spade decided to get some new ink, he turned to his go-to tattoo artist to help out, Sean Penn.

The comedian, 55, told his viewers on Thursday’s episode of Lights Out with David Spade, that “it was time for some more ink,” joking he needed to “solidify my hard rep on the streets.”

To create the artwork, Spade called upon the best person he knew for the job, his “favorite tattoo artist and author,” Penn, who had already given Spade his first tattoo during a Saturday Night Live sketch in November 1995.

This time around, Spade got a tattoo on his bicep honoring his late friend and coworker, Chris Farley, with the initials “CF” on his bicep.

Sean Penn gives David Spade a tattoo on SNL
Credit: NBC

“I had a tattoo parlor that I called, Sean’s Okay Tattoos because they were at best, okay,” joked Penn, 59, before beginning to draw.

He seemed confident with the tattoo gun, but remarked, “now my eyes have deteriorated quite a bit so we’re sure to at least match the level of the last one.”

“Are you ready for this?” Spade asked Penn.

“Nah, in fact I haven’t touched one of these guns in maybe 15 to 20 years, I’m wondering if I wanna maybe set this needle to go a little deeper,” said Penn, Spade’s eyes widening.

Sean Penn Gives David Spade another tattoo honoring Chris Farley

“There’s going to be a lot of corrective work,” said Penn as he finished up the tattoo.

Sean Penn Gives David Spade another tattoo honoring Chris Farley
Credit: Comedy Central

Spade shared that he decided to get the tattoo in Farley’s memory because the late comedian had been crossing his mind lately.

“I didn’t know what tattoo to get,” Spade said at first. “I was thinking of all these Farley stories lately, and I’ve been connected with him for years and years. So I thought, ‘Might as well stay connected to him through a tattoo.'”

Farley passed away nearly 22 years ago from a drug overdose. His former SNL cast mates continue to remember him on the anniversary of his death, including Spade.

1993 MTV Movie Awards
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In 2017, Spade posted a photo of Farley for the 20th anniversary of his death.

“20 years ago today,” the Joe Dirt star wrote alongside a photograph of his deceased friend.

In 2015, Spade also shared a touching tribute to Farley on the 20th anniversary of their film Tommy Boy‘s release.

“I was very lucky to be in this movie with one of the all-time funniest mother f—, the late, great Chris Farley,” Spade wrote alongside a poster from the movie on which Farley had written his friend and costar a message.

Spade and Farley performed together for five seasons on Saturday Night Live before starring in Tommy Boy. The film was Farley’s first major role after SNL, and he teamed up with Spade the following year for another comedy, Black Sheep.

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