June 19, 2015 08:58 PM

You probably have some beach time scheduled this weekend. And then maybe a Father’s Day barbecue (or two!). But we’re giving you one more thing to add to your calendar: Check out supermodel Hilary Rhoda and her fiancé Sean Avery’s new capsule collection for Solid & Striped.

Courtesy Derek Kettela

The stylish couple collaborated with the label on a classic beachwear line featuring clothes with a nautical vibe and a neutral color palette — basically, it’s perfect for a Hamptons getaway, and you’ll probably want to nab a piece — or three — before July 4th. Rhoda’s abs do an amazing job of selling the bikinis.

We chatted with Rhoda about the line, her style and what she thinks of Avery’s closet. Read the interview highlights below!

How involved was Sean in the design process?
“He was super-involved. He knows what makes a perfect fit, he knows quality fabrics, and he knows how a man should dress without looking too fussy or stylized. He has an elegant, effortless way of dressing and I think that’s come from him honing his style over the years and knowing what works for him.”

Courtesy Derek Kettela

Do you try on outfits for him before big red carpet events?
“Yes! If I can’t decide between a few dresses before an event, I’ll try them on for him and he gives me his input — which is always spot-on!. The last time was for the CFDAs. I had the dress but couldn’t decide which pair of shoes was right. I tried on five different pairs, and he picked out the pair I wore, which were perfect, as they added a bit of toughness. Any other shoe would have been too dainty and feminine with the dress I was wearing.”

What’s one thing you want to ban from his closet for good?
“Honestly I am constantly stealing his clothes from him. He really doesn’t have one thing I’d want to get rid of. He has this awesome 3.1 Phillip Lim military jacket that he’s had for a few years, and I’ve just dusted it off and given it a second life.”

Courtesy Derek Kettela

What’s your go-to summer uniform?
“Jean shorts and a chambray shirt.”

What’s the oldest thing in your closet?
“I’ve been doing a lot of spring cleaning lately with my wardrobe, and my rule is that I will only keep it if it’s worth passing onto my daughter someday. The oldest thing in my closet is probably one of those Chloé bags with the padlock on it. I bought it when I started modeling, so it’s sentimental.”

What do you think of their Solid & Striped capsule collection? Are you a fan of Rhoda’s style? Sound off below. 

–Brittany Talarico

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