Scott From HQ (Over)Shares Some Trivia: He Requires Smaller-than-Average 'Snugger Fit' Condoms

The HQ Trivia host shares his 'game-changing' find

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Watch out, HQ-Ties, you may never look at host Scott Rogowsky the same after this moment.

In an interview with The Strategist, Rogowsky reveals the totally normal things he swears by in his everyday life: a Sonicare toothbrush, Vitamix blender, and mini dried banana snacks from Trader Joe’s. But one thing stood out among the rest of his picks: “snugger-fit” condoms that he swears by to keep things less “baggy” in the, um, undergarment department.

“I’m not, uh, exactly blessed in the crotch department, and when I first became sexually active and started using condoms, I found the standard issue to be a little … baggy,” Rogowsky (over)shared with readers. But don’t worry, he eventually solved his baggy condom issue with a special, smaller condom.

“But then I discovered this “snugger fit” brand,” he says of his recommendation, CautionWear Snugger Fit Condoms. “Have you heard of these? They manage to hold on for even the bumpiest of rides. Total game changer, like going from JNCOs to skinny jeans.”

And that’s not the only thing he swears by to keep things comfortable below-the-belt. Rogowsky also waxed-poetic about his favorite pair of “Ball Hammock” boxers, which have dinosaurs on them.

“I’ve been wearing boxer briefs for 20 years probably, and these fit soft and snug in the right places, and has a pouch for some room. It’s strange to talk about boxers!”

If you’ve got some savage questions after reading this, you probably aren’t alone.

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