And, you know, to love everyone unconditionally

By Summer Cartwright
April 08, 2020 01:14 PM
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Schitt's Creek
Credit: Netflix

The Schitt’s Creek finale aired just last night, but the legacy it leaves behind is lengthy. This outlandish comedy served as a reminder to unconditionally love and support those in our lives, even if it’s through long-winded fights about which sibling should get murdered first by an imaginary intruder. It also gave us a new style icon we will hold in our hearts forevermore: Moira Rose. The show’s matriarch dressed as if Lady Gaga’s style circa 2010 turned gothic, and for that we are extremely grateful.

While the outfits and wigs she wore changed hourly, Moira Rose had one signature that seemed to stay put: her bold red lip. To nobody’s surprise, the lipstick this look depends on is a Rihanna favorite — MAC Cosmetics’ Ruby Woo. (Imagine how iconic a conversation between Moira and Rihanna would be.) The vibrant red lipstick has long been a go-to for beauty obsessives who like to dress up their pout because it produces a long-lasting and defined color that can highlight any skin tone.

Schitt's Creek
Credit: POP TV

But this lipstick goes deeper than looks. It turns out that this makeup decision cemented the character’s personality. According to Vulture, the show’s makeup artist Lucky Bromhead worked with actress Catherine O’Hara for a long time to perfect Moira’s ensembles, and together they knew the character needed a statement lip. “If you’re the type of person that puts on a red lipstick to go to the corner store, that’s a specific type of person,” Bromhead told the outlet. “And that’s who Moira is.” It wasn’t until they found the perfect lip look that the two felt confident in the character’s style — “That was the click: her lips,” Bromhead said.

Schitt’s Creek
Credit: Pop TV

Moira is as true to herself as characters come, and being more like her every day is a goal everyone should have. While she once said, “Gossip is the devil’s telephone,” we think that the beloved mom will forgive us for this style talk. After all, with a lip as red as hers, confidence is contagious. (She even overlines her lips for a more dramatic finish.) We’re honoring Moira by stocking up on the Ruby Woo color, throwing on some showtunes, and sashaying away from our worries, bébé.

Moira Rose Ruby Woo legacy

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