October 07, 2011 02:30 PM

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Scarlett Johansson knows how to create a dramatic beauty moment. “If I’m doing a red carpet, I’ll usually look to the golden age of Hollywood a little bit, whether that’s Rita Hayworth or Lauren Bacall or later, like Brigitte Bardot,” she tells “I like to kind of give a nod to that era; I feel like the red carpet deserves it.”

Where did that inspiration come from? “My mom was very glamorous,” the face of Dolce & Gabbana beauty shares. “I used to sit at her vanity and use her makeup — I know a lot of moms, they don’t really like their daughters to wear a lot of makeup. My mom was always very encouraging, she used to take me shopping so I learned a lot of about makeup application from her actually.”

But these days, her routine is fairly streamlined. “I have sensitive skin, so I use actually just Cetaphil face wash and Clarins moisturizer,” she says. “I don’t wear a lot of makeup during the day.” Naturally, she carries Dolce & Gabbana makeup — like the Gloss Fusion Lipstick in Infatuation and Poetic, plus the brand’s powdered foundation — but she admits she doesn’t tote too many products in her bag.

However, that doesn’t mean the actress was spared from some questionable makeup trends in her earlier years. Jokes Johansson, “It was the ’90s and I had a lot of blue lipstick, glittery nail polish, glitter eyeliner — I was like a disco ball.”

–Kim Peiffer


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