Savannah Chrisley Spills the Secret to Her Relationship with NBA Rookie Luke Kennard

Savannah Chrisley says her new NBA boyfriend Luke Kennard is "one of the most honest, caring human beings"

Photo: Luke Kennard/Instagram

New couple Savannah Chrisley and recently drafted Detroit Piston Luke Kennard are navigating having a relationship in the public eye — and that involves figuring out their work-life balance as a pair.

It turns out, the secret to the Chrisley Knows Best star, 19, and her 21-year-old new beau’s romance is carving out time for each other in the midst of their busy schedules.

“We make time for each other and we both understand each other’s careers,” Chrisley tells PEOPLE during a conversation about her first clothing line, Faith Over Fear. “We can go months without seeing each other and it would be okay. It’s just the understanding that we both have that our careers come first — I mean it’s pretty great.”

Savannah Chrisley/Instagram

In fact, she conducted the phone interview while on her way to meet Kennard. “I’m trekking now to see him,” she says. “My dad [Todd Chrisley] has always told me you need to be with someone who you are extremely on the same level with. And that is the truth. We both have our own things going on. He has his career. I have mine. But he’s just one of the most honest, caring, human beings there is.”


Kennard is so caring in fact, that the newly-gone-pro basketball player is figuring out ways to support her new fashion endeavor, which debuted on HSN earlier this week.

“He wants to come to my launch and it kind of made my day because it shows he’s getting ready for the season to start, and he is still gonna make time for things that I have going on and that’s extremely important,” she says. He even tweeted his support of the line, urging women to pick up a few pieces.

“When you are in the industry that we’re in, you have to make time, you have to be supportive,” adds Chrisley. “At the end of the day if you’re not going to be supportive of me and the things I do, then I’d just rather be single.”

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So, has the stylish southern star worked her fashion magic on her boyfriend? “You know, his agent told me that his style has increased drastically since I came along,” she says with a laugh.

“He as into shopping as I am — like we’re both addicted to it,” Chrisley adds. “So we’ll go somewhere and I’ll grab stuff for him and he’ll be like, ‘Alright, I want it.’ My dad just sent me back a pair of Gucci shoes for Luke, so he loves high-end brands. He loves looking good.”

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