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If Savannah Chrisley didn’t already know about beauty from her time as a pageant queen, her role on Chrisley Knows Best (which airs its season finale tonight) would have caught her up to speed pretty quickly. Now the 17-year-old style star is giving us some of her pro pointers (as well as some awesome shoe advice) and we’re sharing it all with you.

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Primer is key.
Chrisley uses Lise Watier’s base to prep for a full face of makeup. “I have super-oily skin, and just put this literally all over my face. I kind of use a lot just so I can get it going. Because my makeup will fall off my face if I don’t use this — it’s the most annoying thing in the world.” M.A.C concealer serves the same purpose on her eyelids.

Foundation seems like logical next step. It’s not.
“It’s easier to do your eye shadow first because if it falls then it falls on your bare face and not on your foundation. Once it falls on your foundation, you’ve kind of messed up, so it’s never easy to fix. I’m really messy when I do my makeup, so I like to just wipe that away,” she says, explaining that she starts with the lightest, shimmery shades in a custom MAC Pro palette, then blends in darker ones as she goes. “I have blue eyes, so I use a lot of browns, beige, gold — that kind of stuff, because I feel like it makes my eyes look bluer.” Brown smudgy liner completes the look.

Even pageant queens have flaws they want to hide.
Using her same M.A.C concealer palette, “I’ll mix the bottom two and I put it under my eyes, obviously. Just put it wherever you’re trying to cover, but for me, I put it straight down and then up, so you’re kind of creating a little triangle. And by doing that it makes contouring and everything easier.”

And even pageant queens get beauty tips from YouTube!
“I’ve experimented with makeup for forever. I’ve had my makeup done by people and so I pay attention to how they do it, but I also just experiment on my own and watch YouTube videos or whatever,” she says. And after demonstrating how involved contouring can get, she has one very important tip for fellow oily-skinned girls: “I also like to use translucent powder [including] Makeup Forever setting powder. It’s awesome; it’s the pro finish. This also gives you a little bit more color, and then I’ll throw some of my Laura Mercier over … Like I said I’ve got really oily skin, so my makeup will soak it up in a second. So the more powder the better. Carry a compact with you if you do have oily skin like me because it will come in handy.”

Play up the goods God gave ya.
“God blessed me with good eyebrows, so I’ve never had my eyebrows done in my life,” she shares, adding, “I actually take this eye pencil and I go over my mole, just because like I said, God gave it to you, be confident in it. For so long I was self conscious about it, wanted to get it removed — and then I started embracing it. There will be things you’re insecure about, but don’t use makeup to hide it, just to enhance those things. You’ll find that you grow to love them!”

She’s got your top lip tips.
“You don’t want to draw on your lips too much because than you just end up looking goofy,” she advises. “You don’t ever want to actually draw. Put your lips together; I like to use my finger to just smooth it out.”

Tune in to see the finished product tonight on USA at 9:00 p.m. EST, then tell us: What did you learn?!

— Alex Apatoff, reporting by Adeline Duff

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