A statement says she was let go after a few hours of questioning

By Associated Press
July 19, 2017 11:38 AM

This article originally appeared on Time.com

(DUBAI, United Arab Emirates) — Saudi Arabia says a woman detained after wearing a miniskirt in a video that went viral has been released without charge.

Police in Saudi Arabia had arrested the young woman for wearing “immodest clothes” after an outcry from people who say she flagrantly violated the kingdom’s conservative Islamic dress code.

The young Saudi woman drew attention over the weekend when the video was shared online of her walking in a historic village north of the capital wearing a miniskirt and crop top, and showing her hair.

A statement released by the Center for International Communication said Wednesday that police released the woman, who was not named. It says she was released Tuesday evening after a few hours of questioning. The statement said the video was published without her knowledge.

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