Luckily, they're available in 25 colors

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Comfy Leggings

Move over, peanut butter and jelly — when it comes to iconic duos, no two are better fated for one another than your couch and a pair of super soft leggings. Of course, we don’t mean just any leggings: There’s a difference between compression workout leggings and buttery soft lounge leggings, and right now we’re focusing on the latter.

While we’ve previously covered hoards of comfy leggings, including expensive dupes and squat-proof styles, Amazon’s collection of versatile leggings for everyday wear tend to fall under the radar. The perfect companion for running errands or a night spent binging The Bachelor, it’s time these leggings get the attention they deserve — specifically, we’re talking about this $15 high-waisted pair that’s amassed more than 9,800 perfect reviews.

Already a number one Amazon best-seller, they’re made with a unique “peachskin” fabric that’s super stretchy and completely opaque, regardless of your color selection. Beyond fitting like a second skin, the lightweight fabric is also wonderfully soft — a detail over 6,500 different people shared in their reviews — with plenty of elasticity to retain the shape of the leggings, even after years of wear.

Available in 25 different colors, the cozy leggings are designed to be worn year-round. They’re thick enough to keep you warm when layered under jeans or worn as tights in the winter, but still thin enough to prevent overheating in warmer weather. They also come in a cropped variation that’s perfect for hot summer days.

Comfy Leggings

Buy It! Santina High-Waisted Leggings, $12.99–$14.99;

Unsurprisingly, the comfy leggings have accumulated almost 10,000 5-star reviews from a range of people, including mothers-to-be, yogis, gym-goers, and pre-k teachers. Regardless of their varying lifestyles, buyers praised the buttery soft fabric, with almost 300 people declaring them “the softest leggings ever.”

The streamlined sizing options also make it extremely easy to place your order. There are only two options — one size and plus size — and plenty of reviewers shared their heights and weights to help other potential purchasers find the right size. Despite stretching to fit a variety of bodies, reviewers said the fabric doesn’t bunch, even when worn for long periods of time.

To top it off, the ultra soft leggings are machine-washable. In fact, the only downside of these leggings is that you’re going to want multiple pairs — but since the best-selling leggings are just $15 each, you won’t break the bank when stocking up on your new couch companion.

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