Paulson talks about working with the top-ranking stylist, Karla Welch

Sarah Paulson
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Now that awards season is over, you probably miss seeing your red carpet circuit favorites stepping out in two or three different looks a day. But thanks to The Hollywood Reporter‘s annual 25 most powerful stylists in Hollywood ranking, the biggest style stars all came out to celebrate and support their most trusted stylists. We caught up with Sarah Paulson and Mahershala Ali to talk about their standout looks from the season, and what Paulson is doing with her favorite gown today will definitely surprise you.

Paulson works with the stylist who topped the list at number one, Karla Welch, but tells PeopleStyle that she was very hesitant to join her squad at first. “I like to play it safe sometimes and it’s really really hard to break out of my comfort zone, particularly in the environment nowadays where every single moment about everything is documented and turned into somebody’s opinion,” Paulson says.

But she’s felt like she could experiment and still feel safe with Welch’s help. “It’s a sort of frightening place to put yourself out there but Karla insists on if you’re gonna be one of her girls, you gotta be willing to push yourself,” Paulson explains. “She never makes you do anything you’re not comfortable doing, but nine times out of 10, the thing I’ve been most afraid to wear, she insisted I wear and it’s the one I’ve gotten the most attention for. So now I tend to go, ‘I’m not going to fight her anymore, I’ll do whatever she tells me to.'”

Those risks put Paulson on our best dressed lists throughout the season and produced one of her one favorite red carpet dresses — the sparkly green custom Prada gown at the 2016 Emmys. She says it combined her “favorite types of things, which is basically Golden Girls meets Bob Mackie … It was just a dream to me and it was green which I love, and I won my first big acting award in my life so it was very exciting.”

As if that dress could get any better, she says Prada let her keep it. “I have it in my closet. I sleep in it sometimes, no big deal. I don’t think people get too freaked out when they come over and I open the door in it to help get a UPS package,” she says. “I’m like, What’s the big deal? Wouldn’t you want to wear this too?’ You would, so don’t give me any s—t about it.”

Another one of our favorite style stars of awards seasonwas Ali, who ended the awards show circuit with the best prizes of them all — the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor and the title of one of the most dapper dudes on the carpet.

23rd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Red Carpet
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Thanks to the help of his stylist, Van Van Alonso, he wore a lot of Ermenegildo Zegna throughout the season that quickly became his all-time favorite looks. “I would’ve never envisioned wearing all-white,” he says of his SAG Awards tux. “I loved the Zegna SAG look and I love what Zegna did for me for the Oscars. I think I’m most appreciative to Zegna for how they kind of looked out for me during awards season.”

While Alonso helps elevate his aesthetic, Ali says he’s always been interested in perfecting his personal style ever since he was 8 years old! “Day to day I just have to do what feels right and I’m very conscious of what I put on just in general,” Ali says. “I’ve always been that way. As a little kid, I would pick out my outfit before I went to school. That night I would pick out my outfit, like iron and press my clothes, I’m talking about as early as 8 or 9.”

Just about every other single Hollywood heavyweight made the list, from Emma Stone’s go-to Petra Flannery, to Michelle Williams and Natalie Portman’s favorite, Kate Young and of course, Celine Dion and Zendaya’s fashion-forward thinker, Law Roach.

Who’s your favorite stylist?