Sarah Paulson Brings Her 'American Crime Story' Wig with Her Every Time She Gets Ready for Red Carpets

The Emmy and Golden Globe-winning actress reveals the reason why she always has her Marcia Clark wig on hand


It looks like American Crime Story actress Sarah Paulson keeps a little good luck charm by her side since starring in the award-winning FX series.

The 42-year-old actress, who walked away with an Emmy and Golden Globe Award for her performance as legendary prosecutor Marcia Clark in The People v. O.J. Simpson, told Stephen Colbert on The Late Show that there’s one item from her character’s wardrobe she just can’t seem to part with: her iconic wig.

“I travel with it, I take it with me to hotel rooms before I get ready for these events,” she told Colbert. “It’s just a way of communing with the thing that had been so great which was wearing this thing on my head. I like to carry it around. It’s really nice to see it.”

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Don’t believe her? Colbert reached behind his desk and pulled out her wig to make it clear the star never leaves home without it. “Did you wear it tonight before you came here?” he asked. “I did!” Paulson said with a laugh.

But besides donning the Clark-inspired short-haired spiral curled wig to get into character, Pauslon said she also wore the exact same “extremely stinky perfume” each day of shooting. “It was not a good scent. It was Magie Noire. It’s sort of earthy and seductive and also smells like the bottom of a tin can. It’s not good!” she said. “I would wear it almost like acting juice. I would sort of sniff it before they called action.”

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Other than their different tastes in fragrance, in real life, Paulson and Clark have more in common than you’d think. “I share similar brain waves with her,” says the actress told PEOPLE of the real-life woman who inspired her character (who she also brought as her date to the Emmy Awards in September!).

“I have a tenacious spirit, and so does she,” Paulson added. “She’s fighting for something she truly believes in and for justice for those two people who were brutally murdered. The fight she’s fighting is something I can get behind.”

Can you believe Paulson keeps her Marcia Clark wig with her everywhere she travels? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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