Sarah Michelle Gellar Relives Her Most Iconic Costumes, Reveals She Still Has a Pair of 'Buffy' Boots

Gellar also told Who What Wear the stories behind her Scooby-Doo boots and her Cruel Intentions corset

Sarah Michelle Gellar | Behind The Looks | Who What Wear
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer may have gone off the air in 2003, but 20 years later, star Sarah Michelle Gellar still carries the iconic character with her.

In a new interview with Who What Wear, Gellar revealed that she still has a pair of Buffy's boots in her closet, because she loved them so much.

"We used to say, when the boots went on, you know the fighting was going to happen. I still have a pair of those boots in my house that I still fit into," she told Who What Wear while reliving her most famous costumes.

"Buffy's costumes were a huge part of who she was and what she was experiencing at that moment," Gellar, 45, said. "When you first meet her she's this traditional, essential Valley girl, California girl that doesn't want the weight of the world on her shoulders, and she dressed accordingly. But as she accepted the power and the responsibility, her outfits sort of progressed with that. Buffy was always fashionable. I think it was one of the first real female heroines that you saw who did not sacrifice fashion for killing."

While Gellar admitted that she didn't keep much from her Buffy wardrobe, she did keep the boots, as well as the dress her character wore the first time she was killed and the jacket from the end of the show.

Looking back on it, Gellar said she wishes she had kept more from the show, adding, "You don't realize the sentimental importance" of the outfits while you're in the moment.

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Sarah Michelle Gellar Scooby Doo - 2002
Sarah Michelle Gellar in Scooby-Doo. Hannah Barbera Prods/Atlas/Kobal/Shutterstock

Gellar touched on other well-known looks from her résumé, including her all-purple outfit from playing Daphne in Scooby-Doo. Telling Who What Wear that those were some of her favorite costumes, she also noted that Daphne's purple boots were custom made just for her.

According to Gellar, costume designer Lisa Evans loved a pair of Christian Louboutin boots, but they "did not come in Daphne purple," so instead the costume department crafted a pair "from scratch."

The actress gushed that the costumes were "epic" in both the first and second movie, but the feathered coat she wore in the sequel was a tiny bit problematic.

"The feathers just kept going up my nose," she shared with a laugh, pointing out that there are a few glimpses in the movie of her trying to deal with the tickling on her face. The coat kept her warm while filming in Canada in the winter, but sure was tricky to wear!

Sarah Michelle Gellar Cruel Intentions
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Gellar also touched on her Cruel Intentions character Kathryn, a vicious teen who is always up to no good. In one scene of the movie, Kathryn wears a sexy corset while trying to seduce Sebastian (Ryan Phillippe). Age 20 at the time, Gellar said that walking into the L.A. shop where the corset was made to get fitted was daunting at first.

"I remember the first time [costume designer Denise Wingate] told me we were going there, I got all, like, blushy and shy," she said, adding that she grew more comfortable with it as time wore on.

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